21st century workplace experience in
a 20th century New York landmark.

1. Bobby Van's
2. Casa Lever
3. Lexington Brass
4. The National
5. Bryant Park Grill
6. Toby's Estate Coffee
7. Bull and Bear Steakhouse
8. Mad46: Roosevelt Roof Bar
9. Library Hotel Bar
10. Lea Wine Bar
11. Urban Space

12. Paul Stuart
13. Burberry
14. Saks Fifth Ave
15. Cartier
16. Valentino
17. Rolex
18. Grand Central Market
19. Cellini at Waldorf Astoria

20. Yale Club
21. The Century Club
22. Harvard Club
23. Core Club
24. 21 Club

25. NY Public Radio
26. St. Patrick's Cathederal
27. Grand Central

28. Waldorf Astoria
29. Bryant Park Hotel
30. Four Seasons Hotel
31. Roosevelt Hotel

Park Avenue

World renown. Status defining. Envy inducing. All roads of business lead to Park Avenue.


A cultural enclave that differentiates itself by its commitment to world class service and storied success. Michelin awarded restaurants, high-end retailers, exclusive clubs, and bespoke bars, are all within a few steps from The Helmsley Building.

A Day At
The Helm

8:10 AM

Morning coffee
at Toby’s Estate

8:00 AM

Relaxing commute
into Grand Central

8:00 AM

Relaxing commute into Grand Central

8:30 AM

Morning coffee at Toby’s Estate

9:30 AM

The workday begins

10:50 AM

Mid-morning break

12:30 PM

Lunch at Urban Space

2:00 PM

Collaboration before the executive meeting

6:00 PM

Pick up suit at Paul Stuart before dinner

7:00 PM

Catch the
Light Show

9:00 PM

Drinks at
Lea Wine Bar