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A New Take on Park Avenue

About 230 Park Avenue

Part of Cornelius Vanderbilt’s plan, the Helmsley Building was to be the headquarters for his New York Central Railroad. Designed by Warren and Wetmore, the same firm behind the design of Grand Central Terminal, the lobby is clad in marble & bronze with gilded elevators designed with a Chinese motif. Atop the entrance rests a clock with a statue of Mercury to represent transportation, and a goddess to represent industry.

230 Park Building lit up at night
Skyline view of 230 Park building
Empty office space
Office space with kitchen
Office space (front view)
office space
3rd floor space
office space
3rd floor common area
Office space (stairs view)
Office space (hallway)
View of manhattan from window
Building exterior
empty office space
Street view of the building
Outdoor terrace
Lounge and gameroom
Executive lounge
Reception area
Office with open layout
kitchen area of office

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230 Park building at night

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230 Park Avenue

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